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Do you know about the modification of automobile spark plugs and high voltage wires?

Datetime: 2019-11-29 09:00:45    Views: 306

Understand the modification of the original ignition system: The role of the engine ignition system is to supply the spark plug with sufficient high-voltage electricity at a certain time in accordance with the ignition order of the cylinders of the engine, so that an electric spark with sufficient energy is generated between the two poles of the spark plug, and the ignition is compressed A mixture of gases, which allows the engine to do work. The modification of the original ignition system is to supplement the deficiency of the original ignition system, shorten the time required for magnetization, increase the secondary voltage, reduce the flashover voltage, extend the spark period, and reduce transmission loss.

How to modify the spark plug: The function of the spark plug is to introduce the high-voltage electricity above 10,000 volts generated by the high-voltage coil into the cylinder of the engine, and generate a spark between the spark plug electrodes to ignite the mixture. The modification of spark plugs is mainly based on replacement, that is, selecting the appropriate spark plug for replacement according to the needs of the engine. If not properly selected, it cannot only increase the working power of the engine and the power of the vehicle, but also cause the engine power to drop, the idle speed to be unstable, and emergency fueling Insufficient fuel. Therefore, when replacing the spark plug, it is necessary to choose according to the type of engine and the working temperature of the original spark plug.

热 The heat value of the spark plug is an index to measure the thermal load capacity. It must match the performance of the engine. The simplest method is to use a modified spark plug with the same heat value model as the original car to replace it. If the heat value of the replaced spark plug does not match the original car, it will cause the working temperature of the spark plug to be too high or too low. The working temperature of the spark plug is too high, and the mixed gas will be ignited by the overheated spark plug when it enters the combustion chamber, and the ignition will start prematurely; the temperature of the spark plug is too low, and the insulator of the spark plug will soon be contaminated by the incomplete combustion deposits, making the insulator skirt The insulation resistance on the surface of the body is reduced, the energy of the ignition spark is weakened, and a misfire will occur in severe cases. When replacing the spark plug, some peripheral parts of the engine need to be removed. If it is not very experienced, it is better to go to a modification shop.

How to modify the high voltage wire: The high voltage wire is the wire that transmits the high voltage electricity from the high voltage coil to the spark plug. A set of excellent high-voltage lines must have minimal current loss and avoid electromagnetic interference generated during high-voltage electric transmission. Due to the limitation of the covering material, the high-voltage wires on automobiles are designed with resistance to prevent electromagnetic interference, but this resistance value will reduce the transmission efficiency of the wires and cause current loss. If the material of the wire covering is changed to silicone, the problem of interference can be solved.

The resistance value can also be greatly reduced, and the loss caused by the high-voltage current due to transmission can be reduced. The original high-voltage wire is copper wire inside, heat-resistant rubber is wrapped on the outside; silicon wire has a carbon core inside, and two or three layers of silicone resin are wrapped on the outside for insulation and heat protection. The copper wire has extremely high conductivity, even better than the carbon core wire for silicon wire, but the conductivity of the head and tail plug is slightly worse, and when the engine is at high speed, it will emit a large electromagnetic wave to interfere with the audio system in the car. The outside rubber will also melt due to the high temperature of the engine.

How to modify the high voltage coil: The high voltage coil is the core component of the ignition system, and its role is to convert the 12 volt low voltage power of the power supply into 15 to 20 kV high voltage electricity. By increasing the energy of the high-voltage coil, the spark plug can generate a spark with sufficient energy, which is the basic condition for the ignition system to adapt to the operation of modern engines. Ignition coils with better materials or higher primary and secondary coil turns ratios can both generate higher voltage currents and can withstand higher current output loads. The increase in ignition voltage has a direct positive effect on the extension of the spark plug. At present, many vehicles have designed distributors and high-voltage coils together. If the high-voltage coils are to be modified, the original high-voltage coils must be externally connected, and a set of high-voltage coils for modification must be installed.

Understand that the color temperature of the original headlights of the original domestic headlights converted from ordinary domestic cars is 3000K. After one year of use, the color temperature will be reduced to 2500K, or even 2000K. If you continue to use them, the quality of lighting will be significantly affected. The use of new and efficient headlights can increase brightness and widen the field of vision, thereby improving the safety of driving at night. The modification of automobile headlights mainly includes the replacement of high-power bulbs, the installation of headlight brightening lines, the installation of headlight brighteners, and the use of xenon lamps.