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How often does the car"s high-voltage line change?

Datetime: 2019-11-29 09:03:31    Views: 4393

Many car owners are not very familiar with high-voltage cables. In fact, according to the internal structure, high-voltage cables are divided into single-core, three-core, four-core, and five-core. The more cores, the smaller its resistance and the higher the ignition strength. But with it comes higher prices! There is also a well-known high-voltage electric fire wire using silicone technology, which can withstand a temperature range of -40 to 220 degrees, and high-voltage energy to 35KV. But the more inner cores, the larger the current passed, which requires better shielding materials for the outer packaging of high-voltage wires, otherwise electromagnetic interference will occur, which will interfere with the car audio or driving computer!

There is also that many people know that spark plugs are consumables and need to be replaced frequently, but other components of the ignition system such as high voltage lines are often ignored. According to incomplete data statistics of a certain media, 5600 people were sampled. Among the car owners, less than 600 car owners know or understand the common sense of the replacement of high-voltage lines in cars, and the other 90% said they did not know it! In fact, when our engine is running normally, the pulse current on the ignition line is as high as tens of thousands of volts! Prolonged high temperature, dusty and high-speed shocking "harsh environment" will inevitably cause aging or even damage!

Once the high-voltage line is broken or aging without being replaced in time, the energy value of the ignition will be greatly reduced, and the butterfly effect will gradually appear: increased fuel consumption, reduced power, and even a misfire. These huge injuries are for engines with three-way catalysis. It is a fatal blow! Therefore, it is imperative to regularly check and replace the high-voltage lines! The suggestion from the workshop master gave us: Replace once every 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers!

When replacing, you need to pay attention to the fact that the price of high-voltage cables is not very expensive, but most of them are sold in complete sets. Because the high-voltage cables of different cylinders have different lengths, it is difficult to buy a single one! Even if the merchant will sell it individually, the price will rise a lot, so it is recommended that the owner change the package! And it is best to change with the replacement of the spark plug! Also, after the release of previous car maintenance knowledge, there will always be many authors commenting: For a few hundred dollars, just change it! But what I want to say is that it doesn"t matter if you don"t have money, learning something useful is the key!

Well, here is the knowledge about the replacement and maintenance of high-voltage cables for cars. We will continue to share other maintenance knowledge in the following days. With your likes and repost support, I will update a maintenance knowledge every day to let us improve daily. a little bit!